This is what customers said:

The site Brigitte has built certainly is fantastic.  I personally can’t thank her enough for the pointers she has given me with web graphics design.

I am very glad that I didn’t start in working on the main portion of the site because it would have made it more difficult for Brigitte to make the sweeping changes she has without feeling like she was undoing my work – and she’s done such an outstanding, complete and professional job that my respect for her only continues to grow.

Through learning from Brigitte I have been pushed forward in what I can do by at least four years (had I tried to do things on my own according to my own schedule using the software I was using).  Not only is Brigitte all of the things I have said she is, but she is also a lovely, good and genuine human being.  I hope tomorrows report is a total reflection on the great picture the site paints of the club members, activities and level of achievement anyone wanting to join could possibly dream of attaining, and that it translates into a landslide response of new membership signups.
Best regards,
Dave Curtis, Networking Specialist and Web Designer

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Brigitte Haag as a new Instructor with the Hernando Computer Club.  Brigitte is computer literate and is self employed as a Web Designer.  I have personally reviewed several of Brigitte's Web Sites that she has completed for numerous clients, and I can attest to the fact that they are truly works of art.  Colorful, perfect balance, and artistic, these pages demonstrate her proficiency with such Web Design tools as Dreamweaver, Flash, and Xara Xtreme. 
Vic Symonds

Hello Brigitte, 
WOW!!!!!  Technology and creativity are amazing!!!!!!!!!! 


Monica and I are Realtors in Hernando County and were looking for someone to build a web site for us that would covey the true treasures of Hernando County to our potential customers!. We were referred to Brigitte by a friend! The results are plain to see at ! We have had so many complements on our site and we attribute a part of our success to her work. In addition she is the only person we use for our virtual tours for our listings. Not only is she quick to respond but her artistic talents really produce a tour that is second to none. We would happily recommend her to anyone that wants their work done right!
Woody & Monica Marr, Keller Williams Reality

In all my professional experience with Web Site "designers" over these recent years...
WEBSTAR WEST Graphic Design Web Services, (Brigitte Haag of Hernando Beach)
is unmatched as a bona fide, creative graphic artist.
We are most fortunate thanks to Steve Zeledon, to have had her in our
"corner!" Chuck Schlakman, Marketing Power,

Dear Brigitte,
You must know how much I appreciate all your hard work and persistence as we worked on this brochure. Without your wonderful agility at design and copy manipulation, we would never have produced such a nice piece of work. You were so patient in doing the work again and again, and making the changes, even when you were challenged from all sides. Thank you hardly seems like enough. Sally
EGA Seminar 2004

Webstar West web sites are creative, artistic, and unique. Every one is an original done with professionalism, creativity, and imagination. The designer will work with you to make your web site successful and until you are completely satisfied. Her experience and expertise are evident in all
of her designs. Linda Prescott,

Brigitte, thank you. I just tried a search using and under Stilt Homes-- You were right! After it indexed for a few weeks- we are number one on both search engines. Thanks for all the help!
Tom Anderson, Prestige Homes of the Sun Coast,

Brigitte Haag of Web Star West is a graphics artist with a sense of style. I had a rough idea of the type of impression I wanted to make with my logo, but Brigitte was able to bring it to life. Everyone who sees it is impressed with it. My business card and letterhead demonstrate to all who
see it, that "Elegant Stitchery" applies to more than just the name of my shop! Kathy Liles

Of course, this could have only been accomplished with the genuinely
concerned & superior Web graphic skill support of Brigitte Haag (Webstar West
Graphic Design Web Services-Hernando Beach), who as we have come to once again right on the money!!! Chuck Schlakman, Marketing Power

Well-you and Holly have swept me off of my feet. I just love the designs!!! They are outstanding-Well done both of you. Sally please advise if you want me to forward to the Sun Exec. Board for approval so that you can forward to National and get them through the Products and Design police!! My goodness what a logo and pin design. Really just great and thank you both for collaborating to get the designs on their way. Dee Mullins.

Hi Brigitte,
I just wanted to pass along some thoughts on the newsletter because I
know everyone comments on how wonderful it is, but I am not sure if you
get all the feedback. Frank (my husband) and I are so proud to live in
such a nice community when we read the newsletter. It is so well
written, so informative, so professional, and so uplifting. It always
focuses on the positive and we really enjoy it! So, keep up the great
work! We are really enjoying it!
Denise Hoogland

Brigitte 352-686-0750 or email

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